U-GOT: User-Generated Online Quiz System

  • type: Praxis der Softwareentwicklung (PSE)
  • chair: ITM Beigl
  • lecturer:

    Anja Bachmann,

    Sozo Inoue

  • information: The first meeting will be held on 11.06.14 at 14:30 in Building 07.07, Room 203. If there are conflicts, please contact us early.



The aim of this course is to perform a complete software project as a team, according to what you learned in the software engineering lecture. The methods of software design and quality assurance should be applied in practice, you shall acquire implementation expertise, gain experience with web application development and learn how to design collective intelligence by leveraging the concept of crowdsourcing. Last but not least, you shall learn to work as a team.


Quizzes are booming. TV shows like "Who wants to be a millionaire" fascinate us and let us want to answer the questions by ourselves. Websites like testedich.de offer quizzes about all sorts of topics to test yourself and your own knowledge. The app "Quiz Duell" recently became a bestseller and won millions of players rapidly who now duel each other in quizzes.

However, quizzes are not just a nice leisure activity. They offer us even more value, for example:
- The testing of our current knowledge, e.g. solving arithmetic problems
- Understanding of new issues, e.g. learning new historical facts
- Learning new concepts, such as vocabulary of a foreign language

In this PSE, the aim is to develop a web-based quiz platform on which everyone can create their own quizzes and may establish a scoring rule. The underlying system should then be able to evaluate quizzes based on such a rule, rate the difficulty and validity of the questions and recommend quizzes to the users.

By deploying the system and by entertaining the users, the system can implement the concept of 'crowdsourcing' to collect a huge dataset of quizzes. Users benefit from such a system in two ways. On the one hand they gain knowledge by participating in quizzes. On the other hand they consolidate their current knowledge by creating quizzes. This results in continuous evolvement of the system's value and the users' capabilities.

The system is intended to be realized as a multi-layered web architecture based on Java (back-end) and HTML / JavaScript (front-end). The practical course offers you the opportunity to acquire the basic skills of the development of complex web systems.


Web application & Evaluation:

     Server backend (quiz system with database connection)
     Client front-end (user GUIs)
     Initial user study to evaluate the system (with a set of voluntary subjects)
     Development of a smartphone app or UI (optional)


     Languages: Java, HTML + CSS, JavaScript
     Environment: Eclipse IDE preferred

Additional Information: